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In order to do our job better on your behalf, we invest in tools and technology. Tools like HubSpot help us expedite our recommendations, minimizing missed opportunities.
While most people are familiar with Google Analytics, it’s a goliath, and we help clients interpret and digest the most relevant data. Additionally, we use other tools and can provide reports such as:

Reports on SEO: We can provide an overview of your website’s traffic, keywords, backlinks, and technical issues
Research on your competitors: We can analyze any website’s marketing strategy and use it to magnify and position your brand

We can check your website for over 200 technical issues with a Technical SEO Report Our Organic Search Reports provide detailed information about keywords a website ranks for on Google My Business Report: We can obtain Google My Business search and customer
engagement data

marketing reach : This is the number of people you can reach across your different distribution channels (social media followers, blog subscribers, email newsletter subscribers, etc.).Consider this your total potential prospects count
Website Visits: We can analyze any website’s marketing strategy and use it to magnify and position your brand

Leads : Leads are important to your business growth because they belong to people who’ve expressed interest in something closely related to your product/service, or product/service itself. It’s essential to know how much new interest you’re generating for your company’s products and services to understand how the sales pipeline is likely to look in the coming weeks or months. Since leads are passed to sales to work after marketing acquires them, lead growth is one of the most advanced indicators of marketing’s return-on-investment (ROI).

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