Pickle is one of the oldest and most successful methods of food preservation known to human. The optimization of pickle quality depends on maintenance of proper acidity, salt concentration, temperature and sanitary conditions. Pickle products add spice to meals and snacks. The skillful blending of spice, sugar and oil with fruit and vegetable  gives crisp, firm texture and pungent, sweet-sour flavor. Pickles serve as appetizers and help in digestion by aiding flow of gastric juices. Fermented pickles also have beneficial bacteria that can control harmful intestinal microbes.
Joseph Sons is basically a pickle company who are producers of home made pickles since 2005. They make pickles in small quantities so as to deliver it to the customers fresh and healthy. They do not use any additional or harmful chemicals for making the product taste good, but  just put the natural ingredients in the right quantity to make the products delicious. All the  products are made without addition of any chemical preservatives, they use only natural ingredients for making pickles.
The CEO of JosephSons , Mr. Geo George approached us on 22’nd of February 2021 with the requirement of creating a web application and an android application  for selling his products online. His requirement was to create but the domain name was modified  to so that, in future if they need to diversify or add any new products to the existing business they can use the same domain.


  • To create e-commerce platform for Josephsons ie, to create standardized web application and an android application.
  •   SEO friendly website.
  • Create standardized logo and label for Josephson’s different pickle varieties


Josephson’s exhibits the  taste of homemade pickles which  can never be matched with any other pickles, made in a hygienic surrounding with fresh ingredients and without any chemical preservatives. Use of only natural spices makes this pickle tangy and delicious. Customers can enjoy a fresh product with total surety about its quality and taste.  Being in the pickle production industry since 2005 , Josephsons understood the need of moving online, to sale their products in order to increase their sales and profit.

Initiatives for Josephsons

Standardized Logo Design

New Logo

Old Logo

Standardised New labels

Standardised old labels

New Standardized label for product varieties

Old Standardized label for product varieties


Josephson’s Pickles, A.K.P. Junction, Irinjalakuda, is a company that has been producing home-made pickles since 2005. They have taken a great step forward by creating a new way to increase their sales by using the e-commerce platform to sell their products. He has taken an amazing step forward by switching to an online business platform that helps him create a global market for his products. This single step that he has taken has helped him tremendously to increase sales and profit by creating a global reach for his products. The USP has been highlighted in the web application and Android application, which stimulates the users to try the product and thus helps in increasing sales of the product and turnover at the company.