GON is a Natural Skin Care Products Manufacturers with an inventive aim to produce high quality natural organic products that are manufactured with ingredients that are sustainably obtained and carefully crafted, as well as a truly personalized premium product range. Our Clean Beauty modern inventions are founded in nature, using plant-derived raw materials and nourishing essential oils to provide the highest-quality organic cosmetics goods to its private label product demands.
GON offers daily care products for the face, hair, and body that are both unique and effective. GON is the perfect blend of Ayurvedic knowledge and cutting-edge scientific study. For the greatest but safest outcomes, it employs the most sophisticated active & natural components. Initially, the skin and hair will appear to be healthier, with substantial improvement over time.


Brand design involves creating, redesigning or refreshing a distinct identity for a product or service. This can, in some cases, encompass the entire image of a company or organization. A Brand Designer is someone who has a genuine passion for design and creative culture.

To increase brand awareness among people, which was intended to grow customer relationships and establish brand recognition in the target market. Marketing materials such as brochures, visiting cards, and coupons were handed to the local audience during events. So we
design and print such materials in order to meet the client’s suggestions, including discount codes and framework designing.

Social media creatives are an effective tool to target the potential audience and provide an easy way to demonstrate your content. A person can easily draft and post the content on different social sites and use it as a social media marketing strategy.There are three social media platforms in use: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Many variety combos offer uploads to social media, which is very helpful in increasing brand awareness.

The products were listed on an ecommerce website in order to generate online purchases and gain widespread public awareness. In the beginning, accounts on Amazon Meesho and Flipkart were created for online shopping, followed by brand approval and declarations. At first, there were only 10 products listed; afterward, more products were added. Additionally, 5 or 6 orders are sold each day on various ecommerce websites

Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

It is a new strategy to attract a more general audience to GON by participating themselves in the Face of GON contest, which is to be a part of the brand by participating as a model for the face of brand GON. To obtain a new face for the brand, the face of the GON contest was carefully curated, paying particular attention to all types of people in different age categories with various skin tones and skin types. After getting 50+ genuine leads from the lead generation campaign, we shortlisted 20 of them to participate in the on the basis of our criteria.

As a part of the Day festival season, we planned a combo pack offer strategy to attract new customers to GON by promoting the offer through a social media campaign and educating customers at the event conducted in Lulu Mall Trivandrum. Combo packs of hair care and skin care products have been created in an effort to increase sales. Additionally, a combo deal contained onion hair oil and shampoo. These combinations worked very well together. On Independence Day, these combos had an additional discount of 20% on each product.

Offline marketing is any type of marketing that is not done through the internet. This encompasses a wide range of mediums and formats, from TV and radio commercials to billboards and print ads.

Conduct the event, A step-by-step guide on how to plan an event that can boost brand awareness among the target audience.An event enhances the image of the brand in various ways: increased presence, reinforced brand-awareness and an optimized reputation. Further, it forges important connections with both customers and other potential partners

Lead generation for marketing executives was done through a lead generation campaign on Facebook and Instagram. Marketing executive hiring was done to convert offline sales in the north and south parts of Kerala and promote the product all over Kerala.

To increase sales and brand awareness among the general public and create our own offline affiliation strategy, our team contacts familiar salons and upcoming YouTube content creators who create content about health, beauty, and cosmetics products for collaboration. More than 100 salons were asked to place a stand inside their establishments so that customers could see the products and learn about the brand.Emails were sent to 50+ YouTubers for collaboration, where YouTubers do a detailed video about the brand and the benefits of products, through which the general audience can get to know more about the brand and the quality of the product

The shoot primarily featured three products, Cramp Relief Roll On for Women’s Cramp Aid During Periods, Migraine and Headache Relief Roll On; and Nature Premium SunScreen. These are very special products of Gon. The goal of brand awareness ads is to increase the recall of your ads among your target audience. So, it’s very helpful to increase sales and customers.