Package Design

Our packaging designers are in charge of creating designs for our products that are affordable, appealing, and secure. We are passionate about packaging design that distinguishes you from the competition and brings happiness to your target market. We put a lot of effort into finding and choosing environmentally friendly packing materials. We communicate with both domestic and foreign suppliers to preserve the caliber of our products and to guarantee a smooth and dependable process foreveryone

Our packaging design projects are;

skincare and cosmetic packaging

We create labels, boxes, stickers, and other marketing materials for the packaging of your skincare products, including moisturizers, cleansers, and serums. Our packaging for cosmetic products highlights your skincare and doesn’t take away from the magic of what’s inside. We can also create packaging for your skincare products that is environmentally friendly.our skincare packaging projects are;

manara care


food packaging

Different materials and containers, such as boxes, cans, bottles, and other sorts of containers, can be used in food packaging designs. The design of labels, graphics, colors, typefaces, and images used on the package is also handled by our food packaging specialists.our food packaging projects are


Our approach to packaging design

End to end design

We carefully consider every area of how consumers can connect with your product and the kind of story you want to tell, from standing out on the shelves to unpacking experiences and product design. We create product packaging that is both on-brand and out of this world using our understanding of consumer psychology and
purchasing behavior.

cost effective

It can be tempting to hot-stamp or emboss your logo onto the package. We carefully choose packaging options that are best for your business and budget now and in the future to avoid wasting money. Effective packaging design doesn’t have to be expensive to be noticeable. purchasing behavior.

sustainable packaging

We have the ability to make the world a greener place as designers. We pledge to
incorporate environmentally friendly packaging into the design of every project.

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