Global Fashion Week 2022 at Lulu Trivandrum Officially Sponsored By Garth Of Nature

Hello everyone. We are pleased to announce that global fashion week at Lulu Mall in Trivandrum was powered by Garth of Nature.

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That was a stunning night with all the beautiful girls, and these gorgeous ladies won the titles of Miss Fashionista of India 2022.
The pageant show Miss Fashionista of India aims to bring out the charisma, magnetism, and splendour of the women who create each place a living paradise and acquire the prestigious title of Miss Fashionista of India.

The pageant show Man of Kerala season 2 is the best platform for young, talented youth to put their best platform for young, talented youth to put their best effort forward in the pageantry and acquire the prestigious title of Man of Kerala. The Miss Fashionista and Man of Kerala are looking for fashionistas who aren’t afraid to stray from their narrowly defined ideals and views. These provide a platform for people who are willing to look beyond the concept of “enough.” Finding those with the most brilliant minds and kind hearts who reject conventional notions of beauty is the aim. We seek a harmony of grace, elegance, and self-assurance.

The contestants in Man of Kerala and Miss Fashionista are trained to present their best selves. That provides you with several chances to interact with some of the industry’s.

The entire cast of bermuda  perfomrming on stage was a visual treat to the audience of global fashion week 2022  

When Shane Nigam, Vinayforrt Gowri Nandha, and the rest of the cast and crew of the Bermuda Movie transformed the ramp into yet another exciting dais,



Sham Khan is the official choreographer and model groomer of Miss Fashionista of India and Man of Kerala, Sham Khan. He is a very talented and well-known personality in the fashion industry. He is the official fashion choreographer of the show. The young fashion director has won many recognitions, including the national excellence award as the youngest show director in the country in 2019. Shamkhan does not hide that the field is very competitive, and good research and groundwork are needed before entering any pageant competitions.


Beena Shery is the show director for global fashion week 2022. a very skilled female makeup artist who is well-known in the fashion sector. Beena Shery encourages young people in this competitive society by promoting women who have received numerous awards in  makeup profession.  Beena Shery. She founder of Man of Kerala and Miss Fashionista and works as a makeup artist at My Touch Makeup Artistry






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