Above the Line marketing or ATL advertising consists of advertising activities that are largely non-targeted and have an extensive reach. Our ATL communication is ready to build the brand and inform the customers about the product. Conversions are given less importance in above the line advertising.
Above the line marketing includes mass marketing strategies which are largely untargeted and are focused on building the brand.

Our above the line promotions are;

magazines & newspaper

Local, regional and national print media has a wider reach than any of the other mediums. Newspapers have fixed ad-slots that are used by business owners to inform customers / prospective customers about the brand or offers.
We promote Magazines that exist in niches and make it easier for marketers to reach their niche directly through them.


TV advertisements have a reach from local, to national, and international audiences depending on the TV channel and the contract between the parties.our team promote, TV advertisements have a good connection with the users as moving images with audio are preferred over still images or audio alone.


We offer a complete advertising package for cinemas to have their branded messages professionally produced and shown on their screens. We will help you promote your movie club, special screenings and venue hire as well as animate your logo and produce great custom snipes for your screens

outdoor advertising

We use outdoor advertising that is usually done in public places and is constantly on display, and has a greater reach depending on the locations. They include Flags, Banners, Wraps, Billboards, etc.


Radio is a perfect option for marketers to fulfill all the frequency and creative demands of an advertisement. Radio has a local, national, and international reach just like TVs

Advantages of our above the line marketing

wider reach
Our above the line advertising mediums have a wide (national/international) reach.

better connect with the audience
The mediums like TV and radio use audio-visuals which have a better connection with the audience

brand building
The role of marketers in brand building is to reach as many prospective customers as they can and communicate to them about the brand and its benefits creatively. our above the line marketing, hence, plays an integral role when it comes to brand building.

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